Small Business Development

The Oregon Microenterprise Network (OMEN) has teamed up with the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME) to provide a suite of business development services to the state’s 7(j) eligible businesses entering the clean technology sector. This project seeks to support entrepreneurs and small business owners who are underrepresented in the industry, ensuring greater access to the tools they need to establish their business and grow.

Available services include:

  1. Business Counseling
  2. Market Research
  3. Networking Opportunities
  4. Access to Capital
  5. Business Incubation
  6. Technical Assistance


In order to qualify for small business development services, a business must meet at least one of the following 7(j) eligibility criteria:

1   The small business is a participant in SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program. For more information on the program:

2   The small business/individual is located in a HUBZone. Refer to the following link to determine qualifying locations:

3   The small business/individual is located in an area of high unemployment, meaning that the county’s or metropolitan area’s annualized unemployment rate exceeds the national annualized unemployment rate.  Refer to the following three Department of Labor data maps to determine qualifying locations:

  • (locate the county’s current annualized unemployment rates)
  • (locate the metro area’s current annualized unemployment rates)
  • (locate the current national annualized unemployment rate)

4   The individual is an individual with a low income, or the small business is majority-owned by one or more individuals each with a low income. “Low income” means an individual whose income does not exceed:

  • For metropolitan areas, $42,400
  • For non-metropolitan areas, $31,300


For help discerning eligibility and which services may be right for your business, contact OMEN or OAME to learn more:

Emily Leuning

Assistant Manager, MarketLink

Oregon Microenterprise Network


Find out more about OMEN at

Matt Rutter

Director of Programs and Marketing

Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs


Find out more about OAME at

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